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Members Support 2016 Big Sweep
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On Saturday, September 10, 2016, Rotarian Don Huneycutt-Team Captain and 13 other Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Hendersonville cleaned out 2,030 lbs. of debris from Mud Creek. Under the leadership of Don Huneycutt, 13 volunteers removed car and tractor trailer tires, and other trash that cluttered the waterway.

In the past 6 years, it has not been unusual for our team to remove up to 2000 lbs of debris from Mud Creek in a 4 hour period.” “It takes teamwork and hard work to safely collect all the items from both the creek and the banks and then transfer everything to a central collection point for pickup by the city. Teamwork and hard work also make for a satisfying and fun time” says Big Sweep team captain, Don Huneycutt.

In 2005, the club joined a NC program called Adopt-A-Stream, dedicated to improving the conditions of the water sources in our community. Originally working with the Environmental & Conservation Organization (ECO), now known as MountainTrue, Rotary adopted a portion of Mud Creek. Mud Creek runs directly through the town of Hendersonville and becomes unsightly with garbage and trash discarded carelessly on its banks and in its waters.

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Club Now Accepts Credit Card Payment

The Rotary Club can now accept credit cards for quarterly dues payments. The link, which can be found by selecting "Quarterly Dues Credit Card Payment" under the "Members" menu, lists items like INXXX where the xxx is your total bill. Clicking on it will put a payment in your basket that includes the 2.75% processing charge. If your total is not listed inform Jerry or Melanie and they will get yours listed.